Weekends Away


Bath is an historically wealthy city in the United Kingdom. The thermal springs below ensured the city’s notability and prosperity over time. That in turn has led an assortment of grandiose architecture and adorned vistas.

Bath – Little Details

We visited Bath a few days before Christmas and saw the town during the shortest days of the year.


We arrived in York late in the day with the sun having set a few hours before. The streets were dark and we could only catch a glimpse of the fortified walls and gates that surrounded the old town.


Whenever we mentioned our forthcoming visit to the city, we were met with fond memories and prompts of what to see and enjoy. Edinburgh has certainly cultivated happy memories for many of our friends.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle stands above the city of Edinburgh. The castle is built on an outcrop of rock and forms the focal point of the city centre.

Where the Mustard Comes From – Dijon

We had passed through Dijon a few times on the train. Our train line from Paris to Lyon passes through this notable and grand city.


We visited Bristol to see the ss Great Britain. A steel hulled steam ship designed by Brunel. The city of Bristol itself was no less appealing.


Our initial impressions of Clermont-Ferrand were not overwhelming. As the double-barrelled name suggests, the city is a combination of two centres: Clermont and Montferrand. They are surprisingly distinct locations.

Hall des Sources et des Dômes

Short film of the Hall des Sources and des Dômes in Vichy, France.


Avignon was the largest city we visited during our travels around the area. Avignon has maintained its city walls and is home to the grand Palace of the Popes.