20.0 – Bathroom Tiles

The tiler has laid the bathroom tiles and has begun on the external staircase. We start learning what is involved with painting the house.

19.0.1 – To Paint or Not To Paint

This house visit was not just the usual site meeting, it was a whole weekend. And the story of this house visit comes in two parts: The painting saga and the IKEA expedition.

19.0 – Floor Tiles and Fatigue

The tiler has laid most of the floor tiles. We have a less than ideal visit with unexpected painting, furniture, and fatigue.

18.1.1 – Waiting to Warm Up

We are still waiting for our heating system to arrive. Both the main heating system and the temporary one they were going to install while waiting for the main one have now been delayed.

12.0 – Plumbing, Pipes, Burners, and Tiles

The pipes across the floor trouble the tiler and we change our minds on tiles in the bathroom.

7.3 – Yet More Tiles

We visit tiles stores in Lyon and learn more about what we like and do not like. At last we discover a couple of sets of tiles that we are happy with.

7.0.1 – Windows, Doors, and a Key

From the outside, our house is really a house now, complete with windows, doors, and a roof. Inside, it is still a shell, but that won’t last long. The internal walls should be going in, and we’ll soon be able to see how the rooms fit together.

7.2 – Tile, Shops, and Tile Shops

We stayed in Vichy after the last house meeting. Once again return to the tile shop to tackle the floors and bathroom wall choices. Disappointed, we explore what options other shops in Vichy have to offer.

2.3 – Designing Bathroom Tile Layouts

We have sketches of our bathroom which we can use to play with ideas. In this video, I talk about how we are approaching our bathroom tile design.

2.0 – We have foundations

We visit the building site for our second meeting with the builder and afterwards return to the bathroom shop. There we check our floor tile choice and try to narrow down the bathroom tile choices.