Short Film

Confluence of Rivers Rhône and Saône

In Lyon you can walk to the confluence of two powerful rivers.

Moving Platforms

Moving platforms help French movers avoid tiny stairwells and elevators.

Yoko Ono's lumière de l'aube

With renewed museum cards in hand, we visited the contemporary art gallery to see Yoko Ono’s lumière de l’aube show.

Hailstorm over Lyon

We had our first hail storm of the season this week.

Aerial Acrobatics on the Library

A platform suspended from the top of the 3e municipal library in Lyon became a stage yesterday. A performer entertained onlookers as traffic passed by unknowing beneath.

Confluence of Rhône and Arve

The Rhône’s waters are clear and glass like having come from the settled lake. The water of the Arve is cloudy with material carried down from the mountains. Where they merge is a confluence.

Street Tree Felling

The trees along Cours Lafayette have been cut down. The view down the street has been dramatically altered.