Power Manager

Automating SpamCop

I am not sure how effective SpamCop is. Once upon a time I regularly reported spam to the service. In return, I was occasionally rewarded with administrators saying thanks and putting an end to the source of at least some of the spam.

Little Bubbles

News of the latest update to Power Manager is racing around the world. I know because I am watching it unfold before me. The traffic flowing around the DssW web site is placing small bubbles of activity over a map of world. Each bubble representing a page being viewed or an interaction with the web site.

Power Manager Featured on MacSoftwareSpotlight

Power Manager is today’s featured product on MacSoftwareSpotlight. Power Manager is the Mac’s leading energy saving solution.

Celebratory muffins for AppleScript

Last week, DssW launched a new preview of Power Manager 4.

Hello Snow Leopard, Good Bye Panther

DssW launched an update to Power Manager today. This update improves a couple of bits and pieces, but nothing too significant has changed.