Parc De La Tête D'Or

Frozen Once Again

The biggest city park in Lyon is called parc de la tête d’or and within the park is a sizeable lake. This winter the lake froze from edge to edge.

Autumn Colours in Lyon's Park

Autumn colours have returned to Lyon’s parc de la tête d’or. Before the final leaves fell, we walked around the park soaking in the beautiful sights.


An early train and a sunrise run - two signs the days are getting longer.

Winter Daffodils

Daffodils! In the middle of January!

Nutty Squirrel

A loud red squirrel caught my attention in the park. Camera always on hand, I zoomed in and we watched it nibble away.

Fallen Tree

A large tree fell in our local park. The tree’s fall was unexpected and the result of high winds. Since then mushrooms have bloomed on the stump.

Autumn Colours

Autumn is putting on a final show for the year. The leaves are colourful and the evening views are captivating.

Wild Flowers in the Park

Near the bee hotel in Lyon’s parc de la tête d’or is a small section set aside for wild flowers.

Many Insects, One Rose Bush

Many insects and creepy crawly animals go largely unnoticed in the park.

Mounted Police in the Park

The mounted police drew a small crowd of onlookers as they tried to encourage their horses to walk a banner.