25.0.1 – Painting Every Day

Since our last update we have moved and been kept busy painting.

24.0.1 – The (Almost But Not Quite) End

This was to have been our last meeting with the builder. The meeting where everything is signed off and they change the locks and give us the keys. Except it wasn’t.

24.1 – Replacing Halogen with LED Bulbs

I replaced the E27 halogen bulbs in the basement with 5000K LED replacements.

21.1.1 – Time to Work

We are rapidly approaching the time when the builders' work will be done and our work will begin. So many of the finishings are going on now.

20.2.1 – The Painting Begins

We have started painting. There has been plenty of work for us to do throughout the house build process, but most of it has primarily involved designing and deciding. Painting is our first big get-your-hands-dirty task.

19.0.1 – To Paint or Not To Paint

This house visit was not just the usual site meeting, it was a whole weekend. And the story of this house visit comes in two parts: The painting saga and the IKEA expedition.