23.0 – Orbital Pole Sander

Sanding continues. We have added an orbital pole sander to the mix and are making better progress.

22.0 – Sanding and Painting Plaster Board / Drywall

We have begun patching, sanding, and painting the plaster board/drywall. We started with a test wall before moving onto painting an entire room. Along the way we decide that two coats of under coat/primer are required.

21.0 – Differences in Expectations

The build is coming to a close and this was our most intense meeting so far. The differences between our expectations and those of the French trades comes to the fore.

20.2 – Painting Doors

We begin painting but not the sliding doors. A change of plans means we end up painting other internal doors and, once more, we have to wait for the sliding doors to be ready.

20.0 – Bathroom Tiles

The tiler has laid the bathroom tiles and has begun on the external staircase. We start learning what is involved with painting the house.

19.0 – Floor Tiles and Fatigue

The tiler has laid most of the floor tiles. We have a less than ideal visit with unexpected painting, furniture, and fatigue.