Open House

Melbourne's events

One of the things I enjoy about Melbourne is that there is always something to see or a free event to visit. The last few weeks have been particularly good.

Royal Exhibition Building - Melbourne Open House 2011

With 2011’s Open House weekend we finally got our chance to see inside this incredible building. The building itself is World Heritage listed and continues to be actively used for events.

Hellenic Museum - Former Royal Mint - Melbourne Open House 2011

Near Flagstaff Gardens in Melbourne sits a beautiful building that once housed the Royal Mint. The Royal Mint has since moved to a modern building further down the road and the original building has become the Hellenic Museum.

Plaza Ballroom - Melbourne Open House 2011

The Plaza Ballroom in Melbourne feels like a gothic theme park. The ballroom’s entrance is located on Collins Street. There is nothing on the outside to suggest what lurks inside.

Capitol Theatre - Melbourne Open House 2011

Melbourne’s former Capitol Theatre is part of the RMIT campus. The theatre was recently open to the public as part of Melbourne Open House.

Exploring JA Substation - Melbourne Open House 2011

We recently got the chance to explore a working electricity substation. Thanks to Melbourne’s Open House weekend, Megan and I took the opportunity to take a tour around the bunker like facility.

Storey Hall, RMIT - Melbourne Open House 2011

Storey Hall is part of the RMIT campus and forms part of a visually fun building in the heart of Melbourne. The green roof and quirky facade continue on inside.