25.0 – The House is Ours

We met the builder for the final meeting. The house is no longer a building site and the keys are all ours.

24.0 – List of Problems

We meet the builder for the last scheduled meeting with a list of problems in hand.

8.0 – Sunflowers!

Our eighth meeting and our struggle with the trains continues. Progress on the house ticks along with numerous bits and pieces coming together. The inside is being transformed.

7.0 – Windows, Doors, and Water Tight

With two invoices since our last visit, we expected windows and doors. What we found was much more. The house is now water tight and the garden is blooming.

6.0 – The Roof Begins

The roof has begun. We learn more than usual in our latest site meeting. Details about tiles, electrics, and the telephone connection all become clear.

5.0 – First Time Upstairs

The first floor has appeared. For the first time we got to see the views from our windows. This was only our fifth meeting with builder on-site.

4.0 – Denied Dessert

Two national train strikes alter our plans and we spent the night in Vichy. Our fourth site meeting and lots of progress to show you.

3.0 – First Steps Inside

We visit the building site for our third meeting with the builder. The first blocks have been laid and our house is starting to appear.

2.0 – We have foundations

We visit the building site for our second meeting with the builder and afterwards return to the bathroom shop. There we check our floor tile choice and try to narrow down the bathroom tile choices.

1.1 – First meeting on site

We have our first regular meeting with the project manager on the land.