Frozen Once Again

The biggest city park in Lyon is called parc de la tête d’or and within the park is a sizeable lake. This winter the lake froze from edge to edge.

Bath – Guildhall Market

We visited Bath’s Guildhall Market. The market building contains an 18th Century pillar where trades were agreed.

Fresh Food Market

I am keenly aware of how lucky we are with fresh food markets in France. Below are few photos of the latest produce available in our local market.

Between Seasons

We are heading towards the in-between season for fresh fruits and vegetables. Those few months between when supplies of winter items dwindle but before the summer delights begin.

Lyon's Christmas Market

A Christmas market appears in Lyon near the beginning of December. It is held in Place Carnot infront of Perrache train station.

Feeling Festive

Growing up, the first weekend in December was when we put up the Christmas tree. This weekend still feels like the start of the festive season for me; our decorations are up, and the Christmas baking has begun.

Market Cherries

Cherries are back in our local market. They are piled high in mounds of red fruit.


Our local market was abundant with new produce this week. Amongst the seasonal offerings, there was an array of fruit and vegetables that I have never seen before. One of these new discoveries is kaki.

Italian Market

Large rounds of cheese and cured meats are not an uncommon sight in Lyon’s markets, but today they were of the Italian variety.

Market Bounty

Wednesday morning. It’s an odd point in the week to look forward to, but Wednesday mornings hold one of my favourite moments of the week.