24.1 – Replacing Halogen with LED Bulbs

I replaced the E27 halogen bulbs in the basement with 5000K LED replacements.

17.1.1 – Getting the Electricity Connected

We left for holidays with our electricity connection unresolved. We had signed up with a supplier and were waiting for the electricity network to connect us up. It was supposed to take 8 to 10 days, but two weeks later, we’d had no news.

6.0.2 – Electric Decisions

As the builders prepare to start work on the inside of the house, we have another round of decisions to make. At the top of the list: electrics.

Christmas Lights in Lyon

After a subdued festival of lights, Lyon’s Christmas lights were particularly welcome this year.

Fête des lumières - Festival of Lights in 2015

Despite the grand spectacles being cancelled, Lyon’s light festival took place in its traditional form of candles placed in windows.

Lights of Manchester Town Hall

It was a trick I discovered in Sydney’s town hall. When faced with a dark building interior, take photos of the lights from below. The results are fantastic.