Furry Beetle

This big beetle caught Megan’s eye during our walk this morning.

Carnivorous Plant Eating a Bee

Until today we have been wondering how effective the carnivorous plant was at trapping flies. The number of flies has dwindled to almost zero and the plant seems to be thriving, if growth is any indicator.

Many Insects, One Rose Bush

Many insects and creepy crawly animals go largely unnoticed in the park.

Unknown Insect

This afternoon it came into reach and I decided to usher it out of the window. In doing so, I realised that it had wings and two few legs for a spider.

Insects and Manual Focus

I have started playing with manual focus on the Canon PowerShot SX700. It is not the first camera I have had with this control but it is a feature I rarely use.

Black and Red Insect

Surrounded by so many beautiful scenes to photograph and yet I still get a kick out of photographing the tiny.