19.0.1 – To Paint or Not To Paint

This house visit was not just the usual site meeting, it was a whole weekend. And the story of this house visit comes in two parts: The painting saga and the IKEA expedition.

18.0 – Expensive Heating

The heating system has yet to be installed and temporary heaters are burning through electricity. During the meeting we discover tiles need to be ordered. A rushed trip to the tile shop follows.

18.1.1 – Waiting to Warm Up

We are still waiting for our heating system to arrive. Both the main heating system and the temporary one they were going to install while waiting for the main one have now been delayed.

16.0 – Coloured Render

Two significant changes to the house this visit. The coloured external render has begun and looks great. Inside the final layer of concrete has been poured and is drying.

15.0 – Underfloor Heating

Having endured freezing winters in old French apartments, we delight in seeing the underfloor heating pipes laid in the house. Pipes cover the entire floor of the house and will ensure this will be our last cold winter.