HD Film

Botany Bay Yacht Club

Last weekend Megan and I joined local friends and family for an event at the Botany Bay Yacht Club.

Film and photos of the Great Ocean Road

Megan and I spent yesterday sightseeing along Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. Our stops included Torquay, Bells Beach, Apollo Bay, and the Port Campbell National Park.

Waterskiing on the Yarra River

This afternoon Megan and I visited Melbourne’s annual Moomba Festival. Yesterday’s storm made the Yarra river’s banks muddy and slippery, but did not appear to reduce the crowds.

Hail storm in Melbourne caught on film

This afternoon an unexpected hail storm hit Melbourne. Megan and I were lucky enough to be inside at the time. I grabbed the camera and we joined others in the building’s lobby to watch the storm build.

Charlie and Rebecca's Wedding Celebration

Embedded below is a film showing a little of Charlie and Rebecca’s wedding celebration. Charlie’s family is Lebanese, and the celebrations followed Lebanese traditions.