Hail Storm

Hailstorm over Lyon

We had our first hail storm of the season this week.

Sudden Hailstorm

After a couple of days with brilliant blue sky, today has been overcast and wet. A hailstorm rolled in this afternoon.

Sudden Hail

We were not long in the Hyde Park before a rumble of thunder suggested we move on. Within a few moments of reaching shelter a hail storm begun. The hail was dense and soaked those caught within its reach.

Photos from the day after Melbourne's hail storm

Twenty-four hours after the hail storm, Melbourne appears mostly unaffected by yesterday’s spectacular weather. The signs of yesterday’s flash flooding in the city centre are minimal

Hail storm in Melbourne caught on film

This afternoon an unexpected hail storm hit Melbourne. Megan and I were lucky enough to be inside at the time. I grabbed the camera and we joined others in the building’s lobby to watch the storm build.