A Little Coffee

This is a fairly familiar scene, especially as the weather warms up; people dotted around restaurant terraces to have a quick coffee, or to linger a little and watch life pass in the square.

Caramelising sugar

Caramelising sugar for crème caramel.

Making Croissants: The Finished Product

Our croissants are out of the oven, and smell delicious.

Making Croissants: Shaping and Baking

Our first batch of croissants have just gone into the oven.

Making Croissants: Layering the Butter

The yeast in the dough has spent the day working away, and turned the cling film parcel into a balloon.

Making Croissants: Preparing the Dough

The first thing on the agenda this morning was making the croissant dough.

Making Croissants: Rolling Butter

This evening we started the three-day process of making croissants.

My Mille Feuille Experiment (and Recipe)

Our French dessert for this weekend was mille feuille. Mille feuille is a French version of vanilla slice, made with layers of pastry and crème pâtissière.

Making Profiteroles

Having recently discovered we can successfully make croissants from scratch, I have been wondering what other French delights we can make.