My Cupcake

The cupcake store is clearly still a novelty in this city, Lyon. A food lover’s city in a country with pastries and delicious treats available on almost every street.

Counting the Calories

During the months since we left Australia, the large fast food brands have started putting calorie information in their menus. In Australia, this dietary information was previously available in the outlet or online, but now the values are next to individual items on the above counter menu displays.

Sweet Annecy - La Cure Gourmande

We arrived in the rain and made our way quickly to the old town. Our hope was to spend time out of the rain, finding shelter in the shops, churches, and cafes.

Tim Tams in France

The world is getting smaller. Australia’s Tim Tam chocolate biscuits are available in Monoprix, France.

Les Halles de Lyon

Les Halles de Lyon is an enclosed market. Inside the large expanse are numerous high-end food shops and eateries. The quality of the produce on sale appears exceptional and priced accordingly.

Markets in Winter - Quai Saint-Antoine

Fresh food markets are part of French culture. In Lyon, markets are held almost every day of the week and at multiple locations across the city.

Anticipating French Food

It would be remiss of me not to mention the food and markets in Lyon. One of the joys of moving to France is the culture of good food, and one of the joys of Lyon is knowing it is the gastronomic capital of France.