Sainte-Chapelle – Paris Highlights

Sainte-Chapelle was an utterly unexpected delight. The stained glass in this chapel is breath-taking.

Jet d'eau

Jet d’eau dominates the Geneva shore. This impressive 140 metre tall fountain of water is always worth seeing.

Gutter Feeding

Just outside our main window is a gutter. It is not a traditionally sought after view. Sometimes, as in July, we reap a little reward. Birds flock around the city and swoop into and out of the courtyards.

Musée de l'Orangerie – Paris Highlights

This custom built gallery was a highlight from our trip to Paris, France.

Filming La Fête nationale

On reviewing the short film of Lyon’s La Fête nationale firework show this morning, I felt it not too bad a sample of the evening. Short, snappy, and a taster of the event.

Watch The Giants

Watch The Giants, in Liverpool, in this short film from our summer 2014 visit.

Learning to Edit

I think the process of editing my first video has taught me more about filming than editing.

My biggest lesson from this process? Know where you are going before you begin.

Learning to Film

Last weekend, as we walked in the park enjoying the spring sunshine, I took out my camera and started an experiment. An experiment in making videos.

One O'Clock Gun at Edinburgh Castle

See the one o’clock gun being fired in Edinburgh Castle, Scotland. A slow motion replay is included.

Fête des lumières

Fête des lumières (festival of lights) is Lyon’s largest annual festival. During the four days of festivities the centre of the city swells with visitors enjoying the light shows and art installations.