Fête Des Lumières

Photos from Fête des Lumières

Lyon’s festival of lights returns to the city.

Fête des lumières - Festival of Lights in 2015

Despite the grand spectacles being cancelled, Lyon’s light festival took place in its traditional form of candles placed in windows.

Fête des Lumières 2013

Another festival of lights is over. We braved the cold and went out each evening to see a few exhibits in bite sized chunks. Unlike last year, our first festival, we did not try to see everything.

Pierrot le Feu – Fête des Lumières

“Pierrot le Feu” show in Place Bellecour in Lyon, France.

Rencontres – Fête des Lumières

“Rencontres” light show in front of Cathedral Saint Jean-Baptiste in Lyon, France.

Festival of Lights

As always the exhibitions are stunning. Photos and footage can not do the event justice. The combination of cold, crowds, and spectacle is hard to beat.

Fête des lumières

Fête des lumières (festival of lights) is Lyon’s largest annual festival. During the four days of festivities the centre of the city swells with visitors enjoying the light shows and art installations.