17.0 – Electricity and Final Concrete Pour

The electricity has been turned on and the final layer of concrete has been poured on the floor. The internal floor of the house is at the correct level and we can turn on and off lights.

16.0 – Coloured Render

Two significant changes to the house this visit. The coloured external render has begun and looks great. Inside the final layer of concrete has been poured and is drying.

15.0 – Underfloor Heating

Having endured freezing winters in old French apartments, we delight in seeing the underfloor heating pipes laid in the house. Pipes cover the entire floor of the house and will ensure this will be our last cold winter.

14.0 – An Unwelcome Lack of Progress

For the first time since building began, there has been almost no progress on-site. The electricity connection has progressed but is not complete. No sign of the expected underfloor heating or next layer of insulation.

4.0 – Denied Dessert

Two national train strikes alter our plans and we spent the night in Vichy. Our fourth site meeting and lots of progress to show you.