14.0.1 – Little to See

As we prepared for this site meeting, there was one thing I wanted to know. Would we get to see the underfloor heating?

13.1.1 – Tread Carefully

The floor inside has been returned to a level surface. All the tubes carrying cables through the house have been covered with a layer of concrete, ready for the insulation and underfloor heating to go on top.

13.0 – Concrete Covered Electrics and Plumbing

Concrete has been poured over all the tubing. Inside those tubes, encased forever, is our electrical wiring and plumbing. After the meeting, we use our external stairs for the first time and try to coordinate the mains electricity connection.

12.1.1 – Small Changes

Progress on the house has felt slow the last couple of visits. It’s not that things have slowed down, there have actually been a lot of changes, but they are small changes and they don’t have the same feeling of progress as the big changes earlier on.

12.0 – Plumbing, Pipes, Burners, and Tiles

The pipes across the floor trouble the tiler and we change our minds on tiles in the bathroom.

11.0 – Gathering Walnuts

The plumber introduces more problems for our bathroom and we gather our first bag of walnuts.

10.2 – Measure Everything

After an anxious meeting, we return to the house during the weekend to better measure and track what is happening. We find problems, fixes, and encounter our first snake in the garden.

10.2.1 – Catching Up

Our next site visit is rapidly approaching, and I’ve barely had time to catch my breath after the last one. Things are moving quickly, and combined with a busy work schedule, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

10.0 – Cables Everywhere

There are tubes stretched across every room, doorway, and open space. The electrics are going in and causing Graham concern.

9.0 – No Exposed Wires

The French summer holidays are over and work has resumed. All the internal walls are in place. Internal insulation is going in and the electrics are being brought on site.