18.0 – Expensive Heating

The heating system has yet to be installed and temporary heaters are burning through electricity. During the meeting we discover tiles need to be ordered. A rushed trip to the tile shop follows.

17.2 – Road Trip, Stone Masons, and the Log Burner

We take a road trip to visit three stone masons and a log burner store. The house is locked up and being kept warm from the recent glacial temperatures by numerous heaters.

17.1.1 – Getting the Electricity Connected

We left for holidays with our electricity connection unresolved. We had signed up with a supplier and were waiting for the electricity network to connect us up. It was supposed to take 8 to 10 days, but two weeks later, we’d had no news.

17.0 – Electricity and Final Concrete Pour

The electricity has been turned on and the final layer of concrete has been poured on the floor. The internal floor of the house is at the correct level and we can turn on and off lights.

14.0 – An Unwelcome Lack of Progress

For the first time since building began, there has been almost no progress on-site. The electricity connection has progressed but is not complete. No sign of the expected underfloor heating or next layer of insulation.

4.0 – Denied Dessert

Two national train strikes alter our plans and we spent the night in Vichy. Our fourth site meeting and lots of progress to show you.

Exploring JA Substation - Melbourne Open House 2011

We recently got the chance to explore a working electricity substation. Thanks to Melbourne’s Open House weekend, Megan and I took the opportunity to take a tour around the bunker like facility.