21.1.1 – Time to Work

We are rapidly approaching the time when the builders' work will be done and our work will begin. So many of the finishings are going on now.

20.2.1 – The Painting Begins

We have started painting. There has been plenty of work for us to do throughout the house build process, but most of it has primarily involved designing and deciding. Painting is our first big get-your-hands-dirty task.

20.2 – Painting Doors

We begin painting but not the sliding doors. A change of plans means we end up painting other internal doors and, once more, we have to wait for the sliding doors to be ready.

7.0 – Windows, Doors, and Water Tight

With two invoices since our last visit, we expected windows and doors. What we found was much more. The house is now water tight and the garden is blooming.

1.2.1 – More Choices

Yesterday was a long a day. Lots of travelling; lots of decisions.

1.2 – Are French snakes dangerous?

We visit Moulins to pick doors, windows, and fittings for the house. Graham encounters a snake on the building site.