18.1.1 – Waiting to Warm Up

We are still waiting for our heating system to arrive. Both the main heating system and the temporary one they were going to install while waiting for the main one have now been delayed.

17.1.1 – Getting the Electricity Connected

We left for holidays with our electricity connection unresolved. We had signed up with a supplier and were waiting for the electricity network to connect us up. It was supposed to take 8 to 10 days, but two weeks later, we’d had no news.

17.0 – Electricity and Final Concrete Pour

The electricity has been turned on and the final layer of concrete has been poured on the floor. The internal floor of the house is at the correct level and we can turn on and off lights.

16.0.1 – Transformed

For almost 3 months, bags of render have been sitting in front of the house, and every visit we have wondered whether it would be done. It had been there for so long that I had given up on it happening until after winter when the weather improves.

14.0.1 – Little to See

As we prepared for this site meeting, there was one thing I wanted to know. Would we get to see the underfloor heating?

13.1.1 – Tread Carefully

The floor inside has been returned to a level surface. All the tubes carrying cables through the house have been covered with a layer of concrete, ready for the insulation and underfloor heating to go on top.

13.0 – Concrete Covered Electrics and Plumbing

Concrete has been poured over all the tubing. Inside those tubes, encased forever, is our electrical wiring and plumbing. After the meeting, we use our external stairs for the first time and try to coordinate the mains electricity connection.

4.0 – Denied Dessert

Two national train strikes alter our plans and we spent the night in Vichy. Our fourth site meeting and lots of progress to show you.