City Breaks

The Shingle Spit in Whitstable

In a small seaside town there is a street called Whitstable Street. It goes no-where but out to sea.


It is a town name so familiar but one that I really knew nothing of. Whitstable is a seaside town in the south-east of the United Kingdom and we visited just before Christmas.


We spent a few pleasant days in Canterbury before Christmas last year. An historic town in the south-east of the United Kingdom.


We took an early morning train to Chambéry. A pretty town with a beautiful lake and stunning surroundings of alpine mountains.


We were in for an unexpected treat visiting Liverpool. We arrived by train from Manchester. A short journey of no more than thirty minutes. The difference between Manchester and Liverpool was striking.


I had never visited Manchester before. Manchester is city to the north of England and one steeped in history. Even with such a rich past, I know the city more through its modern place in culture - a place of music and as a counter-point to an all too often London centric country.