Religious Annecy – The New

Standing over the town of Annecy is the Basilique de la Visitation. This imposing modern church is far removed in location and style from the churches of the old town.

Religious Annecy - The Old

Annecy has quite a history with regard to religion and its role as a seat of religious power. Geneva is close by and Annecy claimed a reactionary anti-reformation stance.

Sanctuaire Saint Bonaventure

We pass Sanctuaire Saint Bonaventure on our morning runs to the park. It sits starkly positioned next to a shiny glass building. The church is large but feels hemmed in by modern buildings on either side.

Crypt Below Basilique de Fourvière

The Basilique de Fourvière is an imposing structure overlooking the centre of Lyon. The Basilique is impressive, grand, and is worth visiting.