Christmas at Home

This will be our first year celebrating Christmas in our new home.

Christmas Lights in Lyon

After a subdued festival of lights, Lyon’s Christmas lights were particularly welcome this year.

Lyon's Christmas Market

A Christmas market appears in Lyon near the beginning of December. It is held in Place Carnot infront of Perrache train station.


Every year, in December we make gingerbread snowflakes.

Feeling Festive

Growing up, the first weekend in December was when we put up the Christmas tree. This weekend still feels like the start of the festive season for me; our decorations are up, and the Christmas baking has begun.

Christmas Decorations Around Sydney

Decorations started appearing around the city of Sydney in November. As we sped from one event to another around the city, it was difficult to resist stopping and taking the odd photo.

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas from Graham and me. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Christmas Show at Crown Casino

Oddly, Melbourne’s casino has a Christmas show aimed at young children. We caught the lunch time show along with crowds of tired parents and little ones. Australia has a strange relationship with gambling. I managed to film the entire show. You can watch it below.

Gingerbread - A Christmas Tradition

Christmas is just around the corner. The decorations are up, and the Christmas events are in full swing. But, until yesterday, there was something missing - our traditional Christmas gingerbread snowflakes.

Christmas in Melbourne

Christmas decorations in Melbourne