Canon PowerShot SX700 HS

Musée de l'Orangerie – Paris Highlights

This custom built gallery was a highlight from our trip to Paris, France.

Sarracenia and Bee

This evening we watched a bee being eaten by a sarracenia. A sarracenia is a carnivorous plant and one sits on our kitchen table to help keep down the number of flies.

Carnivorous Plant Eating a Bee

Until today we have been wondering how effective the carnivorous plant was at trapping flies. The number of flies has dwindled to almost zero and the plant seems to be thriving, if growth is any indicator.

Many Insects, One Rose Bush

Many insects and creepy crawly animals go largely unnoticed in the park.

Beaujolais Region

We recently enjoyed our first visit to the Beaujolais region of France. This region produces world famous wines and the landscape is a mass of vineyards in every direction.

Geese Walk

After a long technical day immersed in work, putting together this little film walking through a gaggle of geese, was a delight.

Street Cleaning with a Vacuum

So when we visited Brussels and I saw a big street vacuum, I did not hesitate to record the moment. After a long delay, I made the time to put that footage together into a short film.

Tiny Spider

My reaction to spiders has changed since living in Australia. I am still uncomfortable when I first notice a spider but after a moment the rush of fear subsides. After Australian spiders, justifying a fear of spiders in France is impossible.

Sudden Hailstorm

After a couple of days with brilliant blue sky, today has been overcast and wet. A hailstorm rolled in this afternoon.

Pigeon at Dusk

I was lucky this evening. Camera never far away, I captured this image.