Canon PowerShot SX200 IS

Wild Flowers in the Park

Near the bee hotel in Lyon’s parc de la tête d’or is a small section set aside for wild flowers.

One O'Clock Gun at Edinburgh Castle

See the one o’clock gun being fired in Edinburgh Castle, Scotland. A slow motion replay is included.

Photogenic Sydney

Sydney is an undeniably photogenic city. The city is bathed in a strong Australian sun that rewards the point-and-shoot camera. It feels easy to point the camera in almost any direction and end up with a vibrant set of photos.

Lyon at Night

Last night we ventured out around ten o’clock. The temperature had dropped to 30°C and the air was absolutely dry with no breeze. I took my camera and we went for an amble.

Fireworks and the Crowd

There was little sign of the pushing and shoving of the crowd last night. Getting around in Lyon can often involve moving among crowds of jostling commuters, shoppers, and onlookers.

Services Parade

We watched the parade near Foch in Lyon yesterday evening. The parade is part of la Fête Nationale celebrations.

Black and Red Insect

Surrounded by so many beautiful scenes to photograph and yet I still get a kick out of photographing the tiny.

Evening Stroll

After a long day, I needed to get out of the apartment last night; we opted to walk to the park. It was first time since moving that we have found the time to walk in the evening.

Melbourne at Night

A few recent photos from around central Melbourne. The season is changing and the weather is again turbulent.

Melbourne's Moomba Festival 2011

During the long weekend in March, Melbourne celebrates Labour Day with the Moomba Festival.