Art Exhibition

TATE - Constellations

A temporary exhibit called “Constellations” was excellent. The exhibit brought together clusters of artwork around one notable piece.

Sitting on Art

Inside the wonderful Walker Art Gallery is a selection of classic chair designs. You can sit in each, enjoy – or suffer – their design, and then hop to the next classic design.

Scottish National Gallery

We often find ourselves in art galleries and museums during our travels. They offer us refuge, calm, and an enjoyable way to spend a few hours. The Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh was no exception.

Design Tourism

The exhibit was thrilling but then I love furniture design and history. Something delightful about seeing the original chairs and tables that have now become iconic.

Glasgow's Gallery of Modern Art

We enjoyed a particularly lazy morning in Glasgow. After enjoying a coffee, we headed to the central Gallery of Modern Art for a couple of hours.

Aporia - Dripping Toffee and Salt Encrusted Bedsteads

We stumbled upon Aporia, a fun sculpture exhibition by RMIT students. The exhibit caught our eye as we walked passed the university buildings on Swanston Street.