Photos – Connecting to Library

I care deeply about my photos and my ability to share photos privately with family. It is important in feeling connected with family living in different countries to ourselves.

Photos – Comments in Apple's New Photo Application

Struggling to find how to comment and like shared photos in Apple’s new Photos app? Discover how to regain this essential feature.

Fixing Mac Kernel Panic: ATI 5770 and NVidia GT120 graphics cards

Since replacing my Mac Pro’s two graphics cards with a single ATI Radeon HD 5770 graphics card, the “IOGMD: not wired for the IODMACommand” kernel panics that plagued OS X 10.8 have stopped. I have not had a kernel panic since replacing the two NVidia GT120 cards.

Fixing Mac Kernel Panic: IOGMD: not wired for the IODMACommand

Since upgrading to OS X 10.8, aka Mountain Lion, my Mac Pro has been suffering from kernel panics. The solution has been to replace my two NVidia GT120 graphics cards with a single ATI 5770 graphics card.

MobileMe's Backup software is limited to 60 backups!?

A disappointing error from Apple’s Backup software this evening: ...will no longer back up files to your iDisk because it has more than 60 backups.