These are my personal photos, stories and news.

A Few More Flowers

I like the ethereal quality of these flowers

Spring Flowers in Parc de la Tête d’Or

A short video to capture the spring flowers while they are still in bloom.

Learning to Edit

I think the process of editing my first video has taught me more about filming than editing.

My biggest lesson from this process? Know where you are going before you begin.

Learning to Film

Last weekend, as we walked in the park enjoying the spring sunshine, I took out my camera and started an experiment. An experiment in making videos.

Kahuna Boardgame

My quick summary of Kahuna: fun, strategic, very competitive, and easy to learn.


Blue sky, sunshine, and flowering daffodils. A perfect weekend for walks in the park.

Carcassonne Boardgame

We have recently added a new boardgame to our collection: Carcassonne.

Fortified York

York is enclosed by impressive, well-preserved city walls

2013 in Review: Travel

For our second year in Lyon, I wanted to take advantage of our location to travel more.

2013 in Review: Books

One things I wanted to do in 2013 was read more.