House Update

What a difference a month makes! Over the past few weeks we have watched the walls go up, been able to walk around upstairs and enjoy the view from our windows, and now the roof is going on.

Build week 19: Inside Build week 19: Inside

Remember those wildflower seeds we scattered on bare earth? Now it’s a sea of green punctuated by bright poppies.

And the fruit trees? Cherries. We ate the first ones off the tree last week.

Pretty poppy in our wildflower garden Pretty poppy in our wildflower garden

The only problem has been the transport. The train strikes got so bad that we had to abandon a planned visit. We found an alternative route by bus, only to have problems with the car hire. The trains are supposedly back up and running again. Oh, I hope so! I want to be able to focus on the house, not how we’re going to make it to our next meeting.

Suddenly a Ceiling Appears (video) An Enclosed Space First Time Upstairs (video) Up, Up, Up Misdirection (video) Transport Troubles We Made It The Roof Begins (video) Starting the Roof

We’re up-to-date with the progress videos. These short updates show the changes between each visit.

Progress week 2 Progress week 4 Progress week 8 Progress week 12 Progress week 14 Progress week 16

Build week 19: Starting the roof Build week 19: Starting the roof

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