As we sat on the early morning train between Lyon and Vichy last week, I wondered if it was getting light a bit earlier in the journey than the previous weeks.

We took that early train frequently around this time two years ago when we were looking at land in the area, and then when we were choosing the builder and designing the house. The train is at just the right time to observe the lengthening days as the seasons change. In winter, most of the journey is in darkness. By summer, the sun is already up as we wait on the station platform in Lyon.

My other marker for the lengthening days is my morning runs, and on Monday my suspicions were confirmed. I witnessed my first pink sky sunrise of the year. I’m always a little disappointed not to have my camera for those moments, so I don’t have a picture for you. But, I do have these happy daffodils from a recent evening walk to offer instead.

A sea of daffodils A sea of daffodils