House Update

The excavations are done, the driveway is in, and string lines mark the outline of the house. We have visited suppliers to choose tiles, bathroom fittings, windows, and doors. It’s exciting, and exhausting, and all-consuming.

You can follow the house build over at Love Allier. In case you missed it, here’s what’s happened so far in order:

A Change of Pace: finding momentum again after months of waiting A Kick-Start: it begins Building a Home in Allier, France (video): an introduction and some back story Massive Hole Dug on Our Beautiful Plot (video): we see the land for the first time since buying it Tiles, Toilets, and Taps: we have to choose them all First Meeting on Site (video) At First Sight: my thoughts on seeing our land for the first time since buying it Are French Snakes Dangerous (video): we choose doors and windows, and meet the wildlife More Choices: the above-mentioned doors and windows Pink String and Blue Pipe: more progress on site, including a water connection