February, 2014 – Megan Miln

Carcassonne Boardgame

We have recently added a new boardgame to our collection: Carcassonne.

I did a lot of research before choosing our first board game, Ticket to Ride Europe. During that research, I came across Carcassonne, and was very tempted by it. But, my motivation for buying a game came from the show TableTop, and I wanted to pick something we had seen. The show gives a really good idea of what a game is actually like.

So, I was excited when they recently played Carcassonne on TableTop. The game looked like fun, and we ordered it from Amazon soon after.

Carcassonne tiles

Carcassonne is very different to Ticket to Ride. It doesn’t have a board; you create the board as you go by laying down tiles. These tiles create a network of roads, towns, monasteries, and farms for you to control. We’ve only managed a couple of games so far, but I can see a lot of happy Sunday afternoons playing Carcassonne ahead.