April, 2013 – Megan Miln

Choosing Our Boardgame

As Graham mentioned, we recently bought our first boardgame since childhood. When Graham first suggested we watch TableTop, I was sceptical. The idea of watching other people play boardgames didn’t seem that interesting.

Well, I was wrong. Not only was the show entertaining in itself, it left me wanting to play. It opened up a world of games I didn’t know existed. These were not the games I grew up playing with my sister where you roll the dice and move your counter around the board. These games were more complex; they involved strategy and decision-making.

Delicate foil sculpture
Delicate foil sculpture

Deciding I wanted to buy one of these games was easy. Deciding which one to buy was difficult. I started with the list of games we had seen on TableTop. I ruled out the ones that needed more than two players, and anything involving zombies or sci-fi references I wasn’t likely to understand. I started reading through descriptions and reviews on Amazon, and came across other games to add to my list. I eventually managed to narrow it down to a handful that appealed most.

My final shortlist is below. The full list is also available.