March, 2010 – Megan Miln

Making Better Yoghurt

I have been experimenting with my home made yogurt for a few months now, and thought I would share some of the improvements I have discovered. I use an Easiyo yoghurt maker.

Yoghurt maker
Yoghurt maker

Adding Milk Powder

I add half a cup of full cream milk powder to almost 1 litre of skim milk for my yoghurt. I was originally using skim milk powder, but the full cream milk powder gives consistently thicker yoghurt.

Using Powdered Starter

My preferred starter is the Easiyo sachets. The sachets are designed to be used with water, but I use two generous tablespoons of the sachet with skim milk.

I was originally using some yoghurt from my previous batch to make each new batch. I found the results highly variable; sometimes the yoghurt wouldn’t set properly, and sometimes it had hidden pockets of liquid in it.

Using the powdered starter gives more consistent results. I have also had success freezing some of the yogurt from good batches and using the yoghurt ice cubes as starter.

My Basic Yoghurt Recipe

  1. Mix all the ingredients in the yoghurt jar and shake well.
  2. Put the yoghurt jar in the Easiyo thermos with hot water.
  3. Leave for 8-14 hours.