Photos, stories, and news from Megan Miln.

House Update

The upstairs walls are done, and they have started the roof. It’s beyond exciting!

House Update

The basement walls are done, and hopefully we have some wildflowers on the way.

Stained Glass Metro

Some metro stations are prettier than others.

House Update

Designing bathrooms and building walls

House Update

A break in our site visit schedule has given us more time to sort out some of the little details.


An early train and a sunrise run - two signs the days are getting longer.

House Update

Catch up on our house build. The foundations are done.

House Update

Catch up on our house build. Three weeks, four videos, six articles.

New House, New Project

Love Allier is the new home for updates about our new home.

Winter Daffodils

Daffodils! In the middle of January!