It was a few years after moving to France when we started looking for land to build a house in France. Now, the house is a home and we are settled.

This was our space to record that process (for ourselves) and to share it with friends and family across the world.

More Choices – 1.2.1

Yesterday was a long a day. Lots of travelling; lots of decisions.

Pink String and Blue Pipe – 1.2.2

I love that every time we visit the land, there is progress and something new to see.

Dealing with Language Difficulties – 1.2.3

After four years in France, language difficulties are not new to us, and we have developed strategies to deal with them.

We have foundations – 2.0

We visit the building site for our second meeting with the builder and afterwards return to the bathroom shop. There we check our floor tile choice and try to narrow down the bathroom tile choices.

Foundations – 2.0.1

The string lines from last week are gone, and have been replaced by concrete foundations.

Braving IKEA on a Saturday – 2.1

We brave IKEA and Leroy Merlin on a Saturday to check our choices and to see the latest changes to the catalogues.

Getting Things Right – 2.1.1

The past week has been stressful as we’ve tried to manage changes to the house plan.

Kink in the Bathroom – 2.2

The builder found a problem in our house plan. Graham talks about the changes to the bathroom wall, and why it was so upsetting.

Designing Bathroom Tile Layouts – 2.3

We have sketches of our bathroom which we can use to play with ideas. In this video, I talk about how we are approaching our bathroom tile design.

First Steps Inside – 3.0

We visit the building site for our third meeting with the builder. The first blocks have been laid and our house is starting to appear.