It was a few years after moving to France when we started looking for land to build a house in France. Now, the house is a home and we are settled.

This was our space to record that process (for ourselves) and to share it with friends and family across the world.

Progress Week 55 – 19.1

Watch a short video showing the house progress between week 52 and week 55.

To Paint or Not To Paint – 19.0.1

This house visit was not just the usual site meeting, it was a whole weekend. And the story of this house visit comes in two parts: The painting saga and the IKEA expedition.

Bathroom Tiles – 20.0

The tiler has laid the bathroom tiles and has begun on the external staircase. We start learning what is involved with painting the house.

Progress Week 57 – 20.1

Watch a short video showing the house progress between week 55 and week 57.

Painting Doors – 20.2

We begin painting but not the sliding doors. A change of plans means we end up painting other internal doors and, once more, we have to wait for the sliding doors to be ready.

The Painting Begins – 20.2.1

We have started painting. There has been plenty of work for us to do throughout the house build process, but most of it has primarily involved designing and deciding. Painting is our first big get-your-hands-dirty task.

Differences in Expectations – 21.0

The build is coming to a close and this was our most intense meeting so far. The differences between our expectations and those of the French trades comes to the fore.

Progress Week 60 – 21.1

Watch a short video showing the house progress between week 57 and week 60.

Time to Work – 21.1.1

We are rapidly approaching the time when the builders' work will be done and our work will begin. So many of the finishings are going on now.

Sanding and Painting Plaster Board / Drywall – 22.0

We have begun patching, sanding, and painting the plaster board/drywall. We started with a test wall before moving onto painting an entire room. Along the way we decide that two coats of under coat/primer are required.