Divided – Part 8.2.1

We visited the house this weekend. There was no site meeting, and being the summer holidays, there is not even any work happening. We visited simply to visit, to look around, and decide a few things before work picks up again in September.

Our last meeting was almost a month ago, in the middle of July, about a week before work on site stopped for the summer. The excavators were digging utility trenches and moving earth around; the builder pointed towards a pile of large rocks and asked where we wanted to put them. The plasterboard was going up, but the internal walls I had hoped to see weren’t done yet. So, how far did they get before the holidays?

Build week 28: The land freshly graded all around the house

We have rooms. The internal dividing walls, which weren’t there last time, and which I didn’t expect to see this time, are up. They are not finished, but the plasterers have started one end of the house, and the rest are marked out in blue chalk on the floor. For the first time, we got to stand inside some of the rooms and see their finished size. We can see how the windows and doors fit in, and imagine where the furniture will go. We had a lot of fun walking around seeing all of the changes.

Build week 28: The internal corridor taking shape

Build week 28: Blue chalk marks the finished wall locations

Build week 28: The internal walls are going in

The changes are not limited to inside the house; outside has been transformed too. Deciding where to put those big rocks took care of itself. Some have appeared along the edge of the driveway, providing a useful barrier, and the rest have disappeared. The builder has graded all of the land around the house since our last visit, so I guess the rocks are under there somewhere. One less thing to think about, and the backyard looks so nice all smoothed out. It is bare for now, but hopefully a little layer of greenery can establish itself before winter.

Watch the video for this visit.