In The Garden – Part 8.1.1

Our garden, impenetrable jungle though it may have become, is full of lovely things.

Our mystery fruit trees are revealing themselves: two cherry trees and a (still to be confirmed) walnut tree.

Our cherries on the tree

Could this be a walnut tree in our garden?

We got to taste the fruit from each of our cherry trees, which seem to be different varieties. But getting close enough or high enough to pick more than a few was practically impossible.

The walnut tree is our latest surprise. How awesome would it be to have a walnut tree! This is the tree at the front that we thought we might have to cut down. We had already had second thoughts about removing it, and had decided to leave it until we could consult an arborist. Once the spring arrived, and its leaves returned, and the house went up, it seemed a shame to lose the shelter and privacy it provides. It had never occurred to us it might be a fruit tree, let alone something as exotic as a walnut.

On the wildflower front, we have had swathes of red poppies, and each visit there are new pretty, little things to discover.

So many poppies

Red and yellow flowers

Pink wildflower hiding in the grass

Pink wildflowers in the grass

A pretty wildflower