July, 2016 – Graham Miln

Yet More Tiles – Part 7.3

We visit tiles stores in Lyon and learn more about what we like and do not like. At last we discover a couple of sets of tiles that we are happy with.


Good morning. The plan today is to look at some tile and log burner shops around Lyon. We think that we can find the same selection that we can find in Vichy. So doing it here is just easier.

We have reached part of Lyon which has every sort of furniture, hardware, log burner, tile shops. Definite area for cars. It is not particularly pedestrian friendly but we will make do.

First of many stores today.

This is a shop that seems to specialise in beige and light colours.

We have learnt that stark white is not our thing.

No, too stark.

We have learnt that textures where there is some colour is good.

Yes. Cream, beige, off white.

We are calling them sandy textures, simply.

Strong textures are not are thing.

No, they need to quite smooth.

And we have learnt that textures need to be at a touchable height. You do not want them just low down in a small room.

Anything else?


The first shop of the day. Lots learnt but it is a shop full of design for design’s sake. I do not think there is a lot of humanity in a lot of the products and the layout they have picked. Lot of beautiful things but beautiful does not make practical or usable.

No colour. Almost devoid of colour in there.

All neutrals.

Neutrals. Very safe. Very sort of magazine shot but actually. That joie de vie is not there. It is very cold.

And now we are walking to Castorama. Which is another, I do not know actually, what is it equivalent to? Bunnings?

Yes. A big DIY hardware store.

Is it a bit more furniture than DIY, or am I thinking of Conforama?

I think you are thinking of Conforama.

OK, so another one like what Leroy Merlin or Brico Marché. I do not think we have done this one before.

No, never been in one.

Should be fun. Hopefully they have a reasonable tile selection.

What is that you say? They have colour tiles. Well that is not fashionable.

So we are back to LaPeyre. Which is one we visited in Vichy and we liked some of the selections. We are going to double check and see what they are like now.

OK, this has been good. We have been through every tile they have got and we have got two or three that we can pick from.

Yes, there are some nice choices.