Windows, Doors, and a Key – Part 7.0.1

From the outside, our house is really a house now, complete with windows, doors, and a roof. Inside, it is still a shell, but that won’t last long. The internal walls should be going in, and we’ll soon be able to see how the rooms fit together.

Build week 21: It really looks like a house now

In the two short weeks between our last two visits, we received two bills for progress payments from the builder. One for the completion of the external walls, and one for reaching the weathertight stage. Weathertight means the windows and doors are in and the roof is covered. None of this was a surprise. What we weren’t expecting to see was a fully tiled roof with chimney. I thought the roof covering would be some sort of simple under-layer that the tiles would cover later. I didn’t imagine they would do all the tiling in two weeks.

Build week 21: The windows have been installed

Build week 21: Windows, doors, and chimney are in, but still an empty shell inside

I feel like we are often surprised during these house visits, but always because things are happening faster than we expect. We always know they are happening, the project manager is good at keeping us informed of the next steps, but we are always surprised to find them finished. All builds come with surprises, and if ours are mostly that it is happening faster than expected, they are not bad surprises.

The really exciting development this visit: we have a key. It is the key to a temporary lock which all the tradespeople have access to, but it is still our key, to our door, for our house.

Watch the video for this visit.