June, 2016 – Megan Miln

Electric Decisions

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the great benefits and great difficulties of building a house is that you get to choose everything. We had a lot of choices to make at the start of the build, but recently there has been a lull. Now, as they prepare to start work on the inside of the house, it is time for another round of decisions. At the top of the list: electrics.

ENEDIS installed residential electricity box
ENEDIS installed residential electricity box

We spent the weekend laying out every power point, light fitting, and switch. It is a huge task that needs careful thought as to how each of the rooms will be used, and what we are likely to plug in where. This is all in preparation for our next site meeting, which will include the electrician. The process of laying out the electrics has shown up a number of gaps in our understanding, so we have a page of questions to ask during the meeting.

Do you remember the bathroom tiles? We still haven’t chosen them. So, we are going to tackle that this weekend too.

Watch the video for this visit.