May, 2016 – Graham Miln

First Time Upstairs – Part 5.0

The first floor has appeared. For the first time we got to see the views from our windows. This was only our fifth meeting with builder on-site.


Good morning. We are off to Vichy for a site visit today. It is going to be a good day.

Still tempting.

Still very very tempting.

The train has been delayed. We have been sitting on the track, not moving, for about 20 minutes now. Hopefully we will not be too delayed for our appointment.

That is not too reassuring.


I hope it is not technical problems.

And we are moving. So, I suspect no coffee this morning before we go to see the land.

Announcement: Vichy. Ici Vichy.

The train was 45 minutes late. Should be OK for our appointment but not ideal. We are now going to pick up the car and head straight to the land.

We have the car keys. We are going to be about ten minutes late probably to the meeting but there is not much we can do to eat away those ten minutes. So, just got to drive carefully and safely there, and make the most of this meeting. It’s good.

Just had the meeting with the project planner, well project manager really, and the mason. That was really good. There has been a lot of progress since we last had a meeting with them.

We have now got a ceiling to the basement. Which is the floor to our main living area and some of the big proper blocks are going up which surround where we will live. So that is the red area. So that is fabulous.

For the first time we can see out the windows. We can see the positions of all the rooms relative to the landscape.

You can always guess, always plan it, but you are never sure.

Little bit of house keeping. Megan is planting some more wild flower seeds. I have been cutting back some roots that have been coming through on the banks.

Well it is quite light. It gets carried away by the wind very easily. It is all this kind of sandy vermiculite and then.

Just had a neighbour pop over. First sort of nice introduction. Second person to warn us about snakes. Vipers. I think because there is long grass here and has not been a tended plot for a long time, there is a really high possibility of snakes within the grass.

Compared to Australian snakes it is not too grand a problem but something to be careful of and something to be aware of.

We are done taking our photographs and video. Good visit. There is a lot happening at the moment.

And that is us, we are back in Vichy. Parked the car. Going to drop off the keys to the car people or at least that is going to have to wait because there are out for lunch. So we will probably get some lunch as well, then drop off the keys. Then get the train back.

And we are back in Lyon. It has been a really good day. We have managed to get up to the first floor for the first time and see out of the windows. That is a great experience. A lot of progress this time and the builders seem to be doing a good job.

Yes, its good.

We have gone from just having foundations, to having walls. Suddenly now we have got a floor. We have got windows. We have got roller shutters going in very soon. And they are starting to talk about putting on the roof. Still a couple of months away but it is all happening and it is all happening really quickly.

Our next site meeting is a few weeks away but we will be visiting before then just to see how the progress is getting on. A lot is happening and we do not want to miss it.

The bakery is still open.

Still very tempting.