Up, up, up – Part 5.0.1

The house is progressing so quickly that every visit offers an exciting surprise. For this site visit we got to go upstairs and look around for the first time. We got the first glimpses of the view from our windows and balcony. It was fantastic to be able to walk around, see where each room will be, and visualise the space.

Build week 16: The second floor is going up

Build week 16: Inside upstairs

Build week 16: Openings for windows and doors appear

We only had a limited time upstairs. The builders couldn’t leave the ladder up while they weren’t there (for safety reasons). Usually during our site meetings, we tour the house and go through the changes, decisions, and questions with the project manager, then we take our photos and video quietly after they have left. So, while we still spent time on site after the meeting, we couldn’t go back upstairs for another look. There will be plenty of opportunity for that; the staircase will go in soon enough, making access easier.

The garden is an explosion of new growth this week. This green bank was bare earth a few weeks ago when we scattered our wildflower seeds, and the vegetation in areas undisturbed by the building work is now waist high.

Beginnings of a wildflower garden

We’re back again for another visit next week. I can’t wait.

Watch the video for this visit.