May, 2016 – Graham Miln

Suddenly a Ceiling Appears – Part 4.2

We visited the building site by ourselves and discovered a ceiling has been added to the basement. We expected concrete supports but not the floor slab to have been poured.


Good morning. We are off to Vichy again today.

Hoping for lots of good progress.

So tempting. So so tempting.

And we are back in Vichy. Easy train journey. Raining a bit here at the moment but hopefully that will pass. Quite overcast.

This week we have a Renault Twingo. Which is one of these small cars. The rental people said the engine is in the back.

Underneath this boot is the engine.

So that is triumvirate done: train, coffee, and car. Off to the land.

We have a floor and a ceiling to the basement. It is amazing.

They have done much more than we expected.

We were expecting a bit, of what, the concrete re-enforcing beams.

I am not sure what I was expecting but I was not expecting it to be done.

No, we have got an enclosed space. We have got somewhere we can walk inside.

Oh my god.

The windows in the basement are actually lower than I expected. I was not convinced that we would be able to stand and look out of them with comfort. I imagined we may have to sort of crane our necks a bit.

Turns out the basement view is really good as well.

The staircase is not in yet but the solution where we were talking about the kink in the bathroom wall is going to be this extra indent. Which will be hidden behind the bath. So the bath frame is going to enclose this, so of, kink in the wall and there will be a small shelf behind the bath to make use of it really. It is quite a nice solution to what was a bit of an oversight. Still, it has been. Looks like it is solved. I am pleased about that. It means that wall is ok.

Nice to be able to go inside. It is warmer. Oh it is great.

So this is two weeks progress. This has gone up.

Yes. Two weeks since our last visit. It is amazing.

And one week was wet?

Yes, it rained most of last week.

Well worth the visit.

Oh yes, I am glad we came.

First one of those I have driven. But that is not a surprise. Every week it is a new car.

So once again, we have these, for these people. Except they look very closed.

The signs says that will probably not be back until after our train leaves. So we are going to probably put the keys through the post box.

That was a good trip. Amazing to see so much progress in two weeks. We did not expect so much, so quickly.

We are seeing the land again, I think, in another two weeks. And I can only hope there is as much progress next time as there has been this time.