An Enclosed Space – Part 4.2.1

Our latest visit to the house was just for fun. There was no meeting with the project manager, we just wanted to see it.

It was worth the trip. They have put the ceiling on the basement, and poured the concrete on top to make the floor of the upper level. We knew they were preparing to start the ceiling after our previous visit two weeks earlier, but I was surprised to see it so far along.

Week 14: The basement ceiling is on

Week 14: Inside the enclosed basement

For the first time we got to walk inside an enclosed space and enjoy the protection it provided from the chilly wind and drizzly rain. It was fantastic.

In other developments, our mystery fruit tree has finished flowering and the fruit has started to develop. I’m still guessing they are cherries. What do you think?

Our mystery fruit is growing

Watch the video for this visit.